Founding Engineer at Orb

Founding Engineer at Orb


Orb is developer-first billing infrastructure built to help companies succeed with usage-based pricing. We handle all the complexity of turning billions of usage data points into a simple invoice, so companies don’t have to staff entire engineering teams on this. We’re going to power billing for leading API and infrastructure companies who make the building blocks of the internet.
We’re looking for a founding engineer to help us build the future of billing. Our team is thoughtful about what makes a world-class developer experience in addition to an unwavering commitment to reliability and scalability. An ideal candidate loves technical challenges, has an eye for building developer-focused workflows, and is excited to bring an opinionated view to a truly fast-growing market.

About us

Orb was co-founded by Alvaro Morales and Kshitij Grover. Previously, Alvaro led growth engineering at Asana. Kshitij led the team working on Asana’s core reactive backend system, building the infrastructure and developer platform foundations for product engineering. At Asana, Alvaro and Kshitij saw the challenges that a fast-growing company faces with monetization and billing.
Orb is backed by top-tier VC and angel investors at the forefront of usage-based pricing.
We’re based in San Francisco, and are looking to hire in the Bay Area. We believe that in-person collaboration is strategically important for a company at our stage — both for velocity and company culture.

About you

  • Enthusiastic about working on technical challenges for enterprise products (2+ years of experience in software engineering)
  • Experience working in shared codebases and collaborative teams
  • SF-based or willing to relocate
You might be a good fit if you:
  • Have experience working on large-scale data infrastructure problems
  • Have seen billing challenges first-hand or worked on platforms for billing
  • Are a generalist full-stack engineer with an ability to pick up new frameworks quickly
  • Enjoy understanding technical domains deeply

Our technical process

We’re using React, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Python, PostgreSQL, and Kafka. We believe in shipping code quickly and continuously.

Qualities we value

  • Grit: Startups require adaptability and perseverance. We value stamina to stay the course.
  • Long-term focus: We’re building a company for the next 10+ years, and we want our teams’ decision making to share that perspective.
  • Sense of urgency: Without trading off focus on long-term objectives, we manifest results quickly and are driven by intrinsic motivation, not external incentives.
  • Integrity: Integrity manifests in the way we show up, make decisions, and communicate with each other.

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